I Found Out I Could Control My Happiness

After a long, drawn out depression, I told my mind I was going to be happy. For days I put all of my energy into gratitude and positive thinking. For every situation I only looked for the good, the great and the possibilities. This was not an over night process, but this exercise also did not take very long either. After about a week of practicing all things positive, I became overwhelmingly happy. I’m not insinuating that I was just “positive” and cheesy about life. I was genuinely, unequivocally, happy. Every great hormone and chemical in my brain was firing off constantly; I felt on top of the world. This occurrence happened about four years ago. You might wonder, well if this is the case, how come this chick still talks about being depressed and down? The honest truth is because, as easy as it sounds, being grateful and positive is not a simple task. Being consciously positive, grateful and happy takes work. The good news is, at any time, you can choose to be happy. I figured this out and when I am getting really down, depressed and negative, I remind myself of the power I hold over my state of being–and I begin again.

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4 thoughts on “I Found Out I Could Control My Happiness

  1. Thanks for writing this. You are letting your life experiences help others. For me, it confirms my believe that gratitude trains the brain to be more positive. Our brains (and bodies) are constantly adapting to the the thoughts that we feed it.

    I did something similar recently: I told myself that I enjoyed certain activities that were good for me. I did this repeatedly and now I can’t live without them.

    Our thoughts are truly powerful.

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