How To FLY In A Lucid Dream


After learning about lucid dreaming, have you imagined what it would be like to kiss your crush, push over a building, swim to the bottom of the ocean, or (my favorite dreaming activity) FLY? Well, if you have accomplished the skill of inducing a lucid dream, I will now teach you how to fly in your dream with nothing else but your body.

First things first, from my previous articles I explain how to induce a lucid dream (click here to reference.) With these tools you are now going to implement “flying” into your ‘intention’. ‘Lucid dreaming intention’ is the idea where you train your brain to focus on something you want to do in a dream—I, emphatically, suggest you do this so that your subconscious will pick up on this intention and thus manifest into your dreams. Spend every minute you can focusing on flying in your next dream—the brain thrives on practice and studying.

When I first began flying in dreams I was very young and luckily for me, by the time I entered adulthood, I could fly anywhere at any time. However, this was not always the case as I have been in dream situations when I was falling and or stuck somewhere high and could not fly to save myself. Two major factors were at play here: first being that, going from falling—to flying is not an easy feat to accomplish (even being lucid). Second, often times we go in and out of lucidity in dreams and this is especially true when we are scared or frightened. What do I do to prevent going in and out of lucidity? I remember my reality checks! Once I become lucid, I enjoy every aspect of my dreamworld WHILE remembering to remind myself that I am still dreaming. This will help you continue to control each dream.


One of the most, if not THE most, important tool to fly in a dream is the ‘take off’. Imagine, if you were to start flying, how would you do it? Would you begin floating? Do you need a running start? Or would you need assistance (such as: a broom, wings, or a hammer)? For me, having a running start always felt natural and all I would need is a long road, street or pathway. Figure out what makes the most sense for you and practice when you become lucid in your dream. Practicing new things while you are lucid is how you become seasoned in the activity—the more you practice, the better you become.


If you could fly in your dream, how high would be too high? The only answer is: however high you believe you can fly. What happens in our lucid dreams is only possible when our subconscious believes we can do it. If you believe you can fly to the moon, the sun, Pluto—you will. Interestingly enough, when you do fly to these places, you will notice the place looks “real” (maybe). Why is this (and why do I say maybe?) Throughout our lives our minds store each and every detail we experience. If you read a book with pictures of Pluto, Asia, Mount Everest etc., your mind will interpret what it remembers (in your memory bank) into your dreamland. These details can be so absent from your consciousness that so much as describing said place would be nearly impossible.

Remember—your lucid dreamworld is as big and as beautiful as your mind can imagine. So learn, experience and open your mind to new possibilities!


After successfully taking off and flying up into the air, have you suddenly begun falling back to earth and every attempt to go back up has rendered you unsuccessful? Often times, especially when you are learning the skill of flying in a lucid dream, continuing to fly becomes the next problematic task. Awesome! Right? You finally learn to fly and now you keep falling back to earth as if, even in your wildest lucid dreams, flying is impossible. Well no, this is not awesome (obviously) but the great news is, falling after flying in a dream is very common! The reason for this is because sometimes the subconscious questions the “realistic” nature of an action, or activity. If the subconscious believes what you are doing is unnatural and does not know how to continue, the action will “fail”—thus, falling back to the ground. To counter this, the simple solution is to keep practicing and teach your subconscious mind that what you are doing is in a dream and it is POSSIBLE. Practice makes perfect and the more accustomed your subconscious is to flying—the better you will be (and the better, higher and faster you will be at it!)


If you find yourself in a nightmare and you have just enough luck as to become lucid, (even just for a moment), get the hell out of there! If it is possible (your subconscious deems okay for the setting), get up and fly away. Anytime I have a nightmare, if lucidity makes it’s appearance, I will fly away from it and go anywhere else I want. The best part about this trick is you can literally fly into the exact dream you want.


Just like with falling, your subconscious usually knows you are dreaming if you begin to fly. Flying is a very good way to remain lucid in a dream because that action is impossible in your awake hours, so your subconscious will continue to remind you—this is awesome and you are definitely dreaming. Want to become lucid in a dream—AND STAY LUCID?—keep flying to different places!

KEY TIPS FOR FLYING IN A DREAM (sorry if some of these are repetitive).

  1. Find your flying ‘tool’, whether that be: just your body, a broom, a hammer, or anything your subconscious agrees with.
  2. Determine the best ‘take-off’ strategy: running start, floating, launch pad, even falling (if you’re better at it than me haha.)
  3. Practice by jumping as high as you can in your lucid dream. With each jump, attempt to go higher and higher. This might result in flying—even if just temporarily.
  4. Fly low—flying in a dream can be so thrilling, but if you begin flying higher than you are ready, you might just find your self spiraling back down to earth. Once you become a seasoned ‘flyer’, you may go as high, and as far, as you wish.
  5. DON’T BE DISCOURAGED! If you try to fly in your dream and keep falling, or you’re unable to get off the ground, just remember: practice makes perfect and if you can imagine it, YOU CAN DO IT.

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8 thoughts on “How To FLY In A Lucid Dream

    1. Absolutely! So what really works for me is waking up in the middle of the night and then going back to sleep while thinking about having a lucid dream. If you focus on going back to sleep and trying to go back into a previous dream you were having, it’s really helpful!


  1. Thanks for tips. I’ve done interesting things in my lucid dreams but I’ve never managed to fly. Whenever I try, I usually never take off. I just end up standing in the same place. Maybe I’ll try running and see if it works.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey there! I have the same annoying issue sometimes. Usually, if I focus on remaining lucid and telling my dream-state mind that anything is possible—I can take off after a few tries. The easiest way for me to get comfortable with flying is to get a running start and definitely not when I am being pressured, or trying to run away from something. I hope you’re successful soon! Reach out anytime to share your success stories :-).


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