Supercharge Your Happiness With This Trick…

happiness-3320584_960_720Have you ever been in such a good mood and thought to yourself: I wish this feeling would last forever. What if I told you there is a practice you could do that will not only triple your positive mood—but will make it last longer and occur more frequently? The brain thrives on positivity and it is believed by many physicians and psychologists that the brain can learn to be happy. I am about to share with you a trick I learned that catapulted my good feeling moments from few and far in-between—to constant and in overwhelming measures.
The brain has many different functions and there are many activities that can be done to help improve things such as: intelligence, memory and, of course, happiness. It is believed the measure of a person’s happiness is found in gray matter, in the precuneus region of the brain. Researchers also believe that certain activities such as meditation, cognitive exercise and awareness can help increase the amount of gray matter in the brain—thus increasing the amount of happiness one may feel daily.


Meditation is a great way to calm the capricious mind and increase the level of happiness in a person. In this article, however, I am going to share with you the little trick I learned to do that which will take your happiness from occasional—to immense and in much abundance. What is this trick? Well, the trick is what I like to call: happiness memory. Happiness memory is where you examine, study and focus on the feelings you get when you are happy. The next time you are in a great mood I want you to hone in on that feeling; how does your body feel? What are you thinking about? Where are you? Put all of your energy into studying each and every sensation and from there, I want you to prolong that feeling as long as you can. What this happiness memory does is it creates new neurons that fire off in your brain; neurons that your brain fires whenever you are happy.


Some scientists believe the more you practice positive thinking, the more your brain produces the happy chemicals and hormones that give you the feeling of bliss. The science behind this theory is called: neuroplasticity. Who would of thought: you can change your level of happiness with the intention to be happy? 


So below I would like you to practice these steps to help grow, increase and produce more happiness into your everyday life:

  1. The next time you are happy, focus on every sensation you physically feel:
    • Does your body feel lighter? Does it feel heavier?
    • Do you have tingly sensations anywhere? Your arms, legs, chest?
    • Does the sensation of pain seem to dissipate?
    • Do you physically see clearer? Do you smell anything pleasant?
    • Are you aroused? 
    • Do you feel warm, hot, cool, cold?
  2. The next time you are happy, focus on every emotional feeling you have:
    • Are you forgiving?
    • Are you excited about something in the future?
    • Are you reminiscing something in the past?
    • Do you feel loving?
    • Do you feel free?
    • Are you understanding and accepting?
  3. The next time you are happy, try prolonging that feeling:
    • Emphasize every feeling you have by focusing on every physical and emotional sensation you feel; multiply those feelings.
      • Really put emphasis on the feelings you have and give immense gravity to the feeling. Memorize the feeling and try to recreate the sensations you physically and emotionally feel; as often as you can.
    • Be fully aware when you are happy; teach your mind: this is how I want to feel all of the time.
    • Throughout the day, invoke feelings of pleasure, gratitude and wholesomeness.
  4. Bring more into your life, that in which makes you happy:
    • Does music bring you joy? Create a playlist that contains songs that make you happy and positive.
    • Do pictures make you joyful and content? Create a slideshow of pictures that invoke feelings of contentment and a sense of well-being.
    • Read a powerful book; watch a good movie.
    • Spend more time with positive people: positivity is contagious (yes even for us introverted ones.)
    • Do more activities that make you feel good, creative and happy.
      • Create artwork (draw, paint, build, etc.)
      • Exercise: do physical activity that makes you feel good (if break-neck workouts make you feel worse—don’t do them.)
        • Walk, jog, stretch, lift weights, throw a ball around with a friend.
      • Do social activities. Many researchers, physicians and scientists believe that uplifting positive people rub off on others. Are you an empath? Put yourself around good, honest, fun people.

Now, if you follow my blog, you are well aware of my obsession for lucid dreaming… so yes, I would highly suggest you increase your happiness through lucid dreaming!


The most important thing I want you to remember—something I learned, first hand, by chance—you can increase your happiness by giving gravity and gratitude to your happy moments. Thank your mind for each and every good mood and start treating your mind like the brilliant gift that it is!


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