False Perception Depression


False perception depression is the idea that one’s outlook on life can mean the difference between happiness and depression. Now, put aside extenuating circumstances such as chemical imbalances, hormone disorders, and factors out of our immediate control. What is in our control? Perception… and your perception can mean the difference between contagious happiness and malignant depression.

I heard a wise man say: ” The universe has a universal response to every thought and the universal response is: yes. You see, God only knows one word: yes. God has a very limited vocabulary. God says: yes; yes; yes. Yes to what? Yes to whatever you think, say or do. God says: yes. Now, the good side of that is—the positive side is—God never says: no. The bad side of that is, for those that do not know how the system works—God only says: yes. So if you say: I am sick and tired of my life going like this, God says: yes… that’s true; I want more money, God says: indeed you do, yes that’s true—you want money, that’s true. And you will have the experience of wanting money because you are declaring in-fact what is true for you; I want more money—yes you do, yes, that’s true. And so, you will talk yourself right out of what you are trying to talk yourself into.” — Neale Donald Walsh.

What I took away from Neale Donald Walsh’s video (above) was that he is implying, quite convincingly, that the universe, God—or whatever high-power you believe in—works on the notion that you get what you expect. If you live your life constantly expecting the worst and always preparing for negative circumstances, you are giving the message that you EXPECT these circumstances to occur. Once something negative happens, you might say to yourself: you see, I just knew this would happen—these kinds of things always happen to me. From there, the energy you put out there to God, the universe, etc. is that you believe and expect certain things to happen to you. Whether you are afraid to get your hopes up, you are afraid to be disappointed, or you are cynical to your core—know this, your perspective on life is the exact reason you are: who you are; where you are; how you are today.

Now, how does “perspective” and the inner-dialogue of “want/need” go hand-in-hand? Well, to put it simply: God; the universe; or any higher-power brings into our lives, whatever we think about most. Contrast to what we think about on a superficial-conscious level—what we believe and what we subconsciously expect to occur in our lives is exactly what will manifest. You might be thinking: well sometimes I think and pray for the best possible situation and I take all the right steps. I have tried the Law Of Attraction Method, I constantly think of positive situations and still, I end up disappointed. The reason for this, the difference between wanting/needing desperately and expecting without any emotional strings attached, is the only difference between wanting and having. When we put out the energy that we “want” something, rather than “expect” it—the higher-power mirrors those thoughts exactly and presents, situation after situation, what we subconsciously want versus expect. If you “expect” greatness on a conscious level but you “expect” disappointment on a subconscious level—you will always get what your SUBCONSCIOUS expects.

What is the difference between “conscious” and “subconscious”—in regard to the human mind?


To put it simply, your conscious is the surface layer of your awareness (rational thinking, self-reflection, etc.), whereas your subconscious is deep within your mind and houses your: core beliefs; creativity; emotions; etc. The reason I stress the importance of using your subconscious as a tool to bring forth the life you choose is because your subconscious rules your reality. How many times a day do you tell yourself: I am going to be positive, happy and healthy? Yet it seems negativity, misfortune, and bad luck creep in—especially the harder you try to be content.

Watch this video below and learn how to unlock your subconscious mind to work for you and your happiness:

For all of my avid readers, this subconscious-themed book will change your entire life and you will never think the same again, guaranteed:

Once you have tapped into the power of your subconscious, I want you to begin changing your perspective—this is where being positive makes a huge difference.

Some of the truest statements are often discarded as “cliche” and “cheesy”. One of the most underestimated and most undervalued statement is: just be positive.

Truth be told, I would hear someone say just be positive and I would cringe. After cringing I would become frustrated at the notion that I should just be positive given my many misfortunes and struggles. I mean how could someone say that to another person who constantly faces one setback after another? For so many, the idea of being positive in a negative world is counterproductive and dismissive.

That is where the problem lies. You have so many people who see the negative in the world and in their lives and think, life is hard. Then there are those who choose to see the good everywhere and believe life is full of joy. With these two types of people, who do you believe experiences more happiness, success, and health? The obvious answer is the person who chooses to see the good in life—even though both of these types of people live in the same world, with the same problems and the same struggles.

Happy people struggle and happy people are not ambivalent to the world’s problems. Happy people are, however, aware that augmenting negativity does not serve anything or anyone. They choose to, instead, be positive and be in opposition to despondency. This very outlook on life is what allows someone to live a beautiful life no matter their circumstances.

The world is full of tragedies, sadness, death, sickness, and hate. A world without these problems is a utopia I wish us to live in but it is not a reality today. Knowing this, we are left with two options: see the world as ugly and painful—or see the world as beautiful and full of joy.

Your life is the fruits of your perspective.

Change your perspective, change your life.

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3 thoughts on “False Perception Depression

    1. I so agree. Unfortunately, it is so easy to fall back into old habits of getting frustrated and looking at the world through a negative lens. However, the more you try to see the good, the more it is apparent in your life ♥️.


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