Witchcraft and Your Happiness

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If you read the title and thought to yourself, ‘she’s finally lost her marbles’. Well, you would be wrong—I lost my marbles years ago. In any case, I have recently happened upon witchcraft and its resounding effect on my overall wellbeing.

I have ALWAYS wanted to be a witch. From the moment I first heard that people flew on brooms, (whole-heartedly believed it) I was a goner. Like any “normal” kid I decorated a kitchen broom and flew (hopped) on my trampoline with my best friend Sabrina…yes my best friend’s name was SABRINA.

Fast-forward to a few months ago, while searching for a spiritual method to super-charge my happiness, I inadvertently stumbled into the world witchcraft. At first glance I thought to myself, well I absolutely love witchcraft and I think it’s interesting. But my general knowledge of witches was from Hollywood movies, children’s books, and Halloween.

Very quickly I learned the extent of witchcraft antiquity and how pervasive modern witchcraft is today. The genuine facts of witches are as vital as the knowledge of any religion (witchcraft is not a religion; Wicca is). To learn more about the history, facts, and persecution of witches please see here.

Practicing witchcraft can have an extremely beneficial effect on a person’s overall happiness and wellbeing. As a witch, you control your own paradise. If you do not consider yourself a witch, or you feel that witchcraft goes against your religion, I simply ask that you set aside all bias and reservations while reading this article. No matter your age, gender, or religious beliefs, this ancient practice can truly be for anyone.

“Black” magick and “White” magick can be both good and bad—your intention manifests its essence.

The Magick of Crystals and Stones

Most witches use crystals and stones for their magick practices. This is because all crystals and stones hold their own unique power. No matter what you are needing in your life, there is probably a stone or a crystal that can aid you. For example:

The Amethyst is a very popular stone used for a variety of emotional healings. Such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and overcoming addiction. The amethyst can be used on your crown chakra. Chakra healing is an essential tool for witchcraft and spiritual work.


Here are some of my crystals & stones below:

Rose Quartz (2); Black Obsidian; Clear Quartz; Blue Anhydrite (Angelite); Amethyst; Fuchsite; Selenite; and Blue Lace Agate.


Learn how to cleanse and charge your stones/crystals here

Clickable links to buy stones and crystals on Amazon below:

Higher Power, Gods, Goddesses, and Deities

Praying to a higher power for happiness, health, wealth, everything and anything.

Many witches pray to and worship Gods, Goddesses, Deities, the Universe, or any higher power that feels “right” to them. There is a lot that goes into who a witch worships/prays to (if at all.) It is very common for a witch to pray to a number of different higher-power figures—and blending different belief systems. For a more detailed Q & A of who/what witches worship, or channel energy from, please see here.

Ask the Universe, your God, Goddess, or Deity to help you with any personal struggle. It is important to research the God(s), Goddess(s), or Deity(s) you choose to worship so that you offer the right “gifts”, light the right candle, and speak the respectful words.

Despite what some people have been taught to believe, in general, witches are incredibly accepting people. An important ideal of witches is: anyone may believe in whatever they want, as long as they allow witches the same decency to believe what they do.

At its core, witchcraft is a practice of healing, spiritual growth, and inner-power. Witches were demonized for being healers and blamed for ANYTHING that went wrong in a community.

FUN FACT: being a witch DOES NOT mean you worship the devil. Someone who considers themselves a witch can worship the devil, but that is not a pre-requisite. There is an interesting history behind the divine masculine energy figure that some witches channel their energy from. The idea of the Christian ‘devil’ is believed to be created from this god’s likeness. 


Spiritual practices (sage healing, moon praying, baths)

Prepare a “moon bath” during a full moon. Moon baths are a wonderful way to reset and recharge your spirit. If you feel like you are being blocked from having spiritual growth, take a moon bath and get back in touch with your inner-self.



Create your own Book of Shadows

    • A Book of Shadows is a witch’s personal book of spells, invocations, herbals, and whatever else they choose to put in it. Most witches use a book of shadows to record their magick spells, incantations, potions, etc. If you love to journal, and writing helps soothe your mind, a book of shadows will be a tremendous asset. Create spells to ease anxiety, mend depression, repair a broken heart—whatever you can think of.
    • How to create your own Book of Shadows.

Spells, Potions, and Oils

As far as spells go, you will find many great incantations already written. However, some of the best spells are the ones a witch creates for herself.

  • Create a spell to bring more happiness into your life.
  • Create a spell for more wealth
  • Create a spell to ease your anxiety

Create a spell for anything in this world that you want into your life and most importantly USE INTENTION. Be wary of casting spells and creating potions for the wrong reasons. There is a rule of three with every witchcraft intention—you receive three of what you cast (karma).

  • Creating potions is similar to creating spells, being that you create your own and put intention into each ingredient. You will also find many great tried and true potions online.
  • Use oils in your witchcraft practices.

(I use Pinterest to log: potions, spells, knowledge, accessories, and all things witchcraft.)

Community of witches

Many witches are very happy being solitary in their practice. However, if you feel that being a part of a family of witches would suit you better, there are plenty of covens in the world you can seek out.

  • Being part of: a coven; a small group; two friends; or even just one friend can be a very comforting and supportive method of practicing witchcraft.
  • Join an online group of witches.

Getting Close to Animals & Creatures (Familiars)

If you love animals/creatures, then you will love having a familiar. Use your familiar to bring love, power, and companionship into your life.


Nature is the soul’s most valuable healing tool. Witches cherish and respect nature.

  • Use nature in your witchcraft to bring comfort, healing, and health into your life.
  • Pray to and thank nature for all of its gifts.
  • Surround your home with real plants and flowers. Take care of these beautiful plants.
  • Incorporate caring intention into your surrounding nature and absorb all of the good energy from them.


Law of Attraction/Magick/Intention

If you read up on and research witchcraft practices you will most likely come across the importance of “intention” in your craft.

Putting intention into your meditations; potions; spells; prayers; and anything related to your craft is very similar to the law of attraction. When you believe in your craft, the universe reflects those beliefs into your life.

Create an altar for meditation and relaxation

Altars are precious to witches (but you do not have to have one to be considered a witch.)

The reason an altar can be so beneficial to your happiness is because of the personal value to it.

  • Place sacred belongings on the altar. Anything that evokes passion in your soul when you look into the object.
  • Use candles, offerings, plants, crystals, etc.
  • Charge each object with your intention.
  • Go to your altar to meditate, relax, or pray to your God(s)/Goddess(s)/Deity(s).


Witchcraft gives power to an individual. The power to change their happiness, fortune, and their lives. If you believe in karma, spiritual practices, praying, and/or a higher being(s), then I promise you will adore the practice of witchcraft.

“A witch is one who believes, through intention and knowledge, they possess the inner and outer magick to change their life.”


*If there is anything you would like to me include, or correct, in this article, please feel free to reach out. I did my best to be factually accurate but, as you probably already know, witchcraft has many different personal interpretations. I do not respond to angry comments and I will happily ignore you if you attempt to contradict my article with your religious beliefs <3.*

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