Mental Illness Is Not An Excuse


Having a mental illness is not an excuse to forgo your dreams. The number of activities, aspirations, and goals we talk ourselves out of is based on a self-fulfilling prophecy. We tell ourselves we can’t do what we love because we are [sick] and by not doing it, we prove we are just in our self-analysis.

The term “mental illness” encompasses a litany of disorders—varying from “minor” to “severe”. Although, it is important to note that the severity of a person’s mental illness is incumbent on the involuntary negative effects of the disorder. If a mental disorder wreaks havoc and creates debilitating distress within your day-to-day life then it would be considered “severe”. Having said this, the emphasis and gravity we put on our own mental illness(s) can be more crippling than what it’s worth.

For all intents and purposes, almost every single person can be “labeled” with a mental disorder. Unless an individual is truly enlightened, we can assume there is some form of mental “dysfunction”. From anxiety to over-analyzing tendencies, the majority of people have some form of mental-process that does not serve a healthy purpose.

Now, not to imply that these “dysfunctions” are genuine disorders which render psychotherapy, or psychiatric treatment. Only to suggest that the mind is a brilliant, resilient, and impressionable organ that is capable of both beauty and self-destruction. Self-diagnosis and labeling are toxic practices that can have resounding effects on personal well-being. This includes misdiagnosis and overdiagnosis from medical professionals. 

Learn how to differentiate between what is an unwavering illness that is resistant to healthy thought processes and what is an embellished dysfunction. Once you decipher the variance, seek out the appropriate care.

Identification and appropriate treatment provide the platform for your dreams to come to fruition. No more convincing yourself you are incapable of living a happy and healthy life. Some of the most brilliant people who have ever walked the earth lived with a mental illness. The reason they succeeded, when everyone else had doubt, projected their own insecurities and imposed judgment, is that these brilliant people refused to yield.

Rejecting negative outside influence is vital to happiness. But the most indispensable instrument you must master is the ability to control your destiny—in spite of your own doubts.

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2 thoughts on “Mental Illness Is Not An Excuse

    1. You’re absolutely right. I have definitely fallen into the trap of blaming my mental illness (bipolar) for my lack of accomplishments. And there are so many people out there, on the more severe end of the spectrum, who aren’t able to overcome their illness. The way I see it is, if you are able to have a constructive conversation with yourself about what is right/wrong good/bad and you can reason with logic, then there is NOTHING stopping you from achieving your goals.

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