Take Advantage of this Time to Change Your Life Forever

*First and foremost, please stay safe and keep those who are sick (with COVID-19, or any other illness) in your thoughts and prayers*

Under the wing of sunset

To put it bluntly, you would be a HUGE fool to not use this once in a lifetime situation to invest in yourself and your future.

I want you to close your eyes and picture yourself one year from now—what do you look like? Where do you work? What do you know?

No, seriously, close your eyes—like I am doing in the ridiculously photoshopped picture below—and imagine your ideal future…

A few years ago I was out of work for a number of months. I didn’t have money coming in, I barely left the house, and every new useless day brought an increasing sense of foreboding for my future. Needless to say, I had a lot of time on my hands. Apart from paying bills, I needed something to help remedy the unease associated with being unemployed, and at the very best, to create a lucrative future for myself.

After some deep soul searching, and a few painful weeks waiting tables, my “skill” was realized one night as I was putting together a handful of words to describe “lucid dreaming” to a friend. I then began writing a longer piece on lucid dreaming techniques when it hit me—holy Carol Baskin—I really enjoy this writing thing! After months of hard work, research (mainly synonyms for simple words to make me sound more intelligent), and peer feedback I finally got to a place where potential clients were reaching out to me for paid work.


The point is because I forced myself to hone in on a skill over a year ago I am currently making good money working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, I am in control of my own hours, and I absolutely LOVE what I do.

There is a MAGIC MENU in front of you

If you could select personal assets from a magic menu to have, what would they be? Would you be super fit? How about bilingual or tri-lingual? Are you an uber-successful trader in the stock market? Do you apply makeup like a professional celebrity artist? Are you making bank offering a trade service? Really take the time to think, in a year from today, WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE?

Life Menu pic

When your mind is unclear, it can feel damn near impossible to focus on what you truly want to do. You may think you know what you want to do—or worse, what others expect from you…but do you really know? Have you set mental limitations on your capabilities, strengths, and abilities? To find out, you will need to strip your mind down to it’s bare, unadulterated, and truest state.

The best method for this optimal mental clarity is meditation…



Sit down on the floor in a comfy position and somewhere away from all distractions. Sitting in nature is the best option, if possible.

    • If you are stuck in the house with others, make a simple request to them—you need just 30 minutes to be by yourself with no noise. Suggest your “roommates” do this exercise (with you in spirit and in another room) so they can understand better.


Make sure you are away from all artificial noise unless you have a nature app, white noise, calming music (without words), etc.


Take a deep breath in through your nose (feel it in your tummy, versus your chest) and hold this breath for eight seconds. Once you get to eight, breathe the air out of a small opening through your mouth (do this slowly at a count of eight seconds). Once the air has left your mouth, wait eight seconds before taking in your next breath.


As you do this breathing exercise, release ALL thoughts from your mind. Do not get stressed out if thoughts keep popping up into your head. As these thoughts come in, let them go without giving any weight to them. 


If you are religious, ask your God to bring an idea to your mind. If you are not religious, ask the universe to do the same.


Trust that the thoughts coming into your mind are doing so for a reason. Do not over-think these ideas and avoid dissecting each thought while you do the exercise.

    • In this meditative state, your mind will be primed to receive useful information.


You will need to have a clear mind for the exercise below


Whether you are a professional sketch artist, a young painter in training, or a stick-figure drawer, I want you to use this exercise to create the best image possible. The only standards that matter are your own and you do not have to show anyone your work.

Get a blank piece of paper. Draw, sketch, or paint the best version of you. Whatever that version may be.

    • Do you have longer/shorter hair?
    • Are you thinner/thicker?
    • Do you have huge muscles?
    • Do you have clear skin?
    • Do you have breast implants/reduction?
    • Are you healthy? (Draw a line with words to describe where on your body you are healed).


Anywhere on the drawing, list the qualities you want most. Do not limit yourself!

    • Intelligence
    • Confidence
    • Attractive
    • Witty
    • Super successful
    • Fearless

Here is a very basic example:

drawing (2)

Make your drawing and descriptions as detailed as possible. This exercise is to be done in the present tense. Draw and describe yourself as if you already are everything you want to be.

Answer this question with an open mind: what skill do you currently have that could make you extremely successful? Whatever your skill, start working on it right now. Do research, read books and articles about your skill. Find out how much money, if at all, you will need to invest into mastering this skill.



Do you want to be a baseball player, gymnast, cheerleader, basketball player? How about a writer, photographer, scientist, makeup artist, or actor/actress? Kids, there is no better time than now to find a passion and make it your future profession. 


I have made a healthy amount of suggestions in this article, but I need you to know—the possibilities are endless. Your only limitation is your own imagination. I guarantee in a year from now, you will be kicking yourself for not taking advantage of this time. I wrote an article about this kind of dilemma, one that puts “wasting precious time” into perspective.

If you are feeling frustrated with this process and you are telling yourself, I can’t; I have kids; I have a husband/wife; I still have to work from home; I don’t have any time to myself; I’m depressed and stressed; this is impossible—you are subconsciously limiting yourself and sabotaging any possible growth. Trust me, I’ve been there! You have to rewire your mind for success and break free of the doubt that prevents you from the life you deserve.

A video (on one of my all-time favorite books) breaking down how to use your subconscious mind for happiness and success:

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