Fight Depression: How to Tap into Euphoria


What if I told you that you can greatly enhance your external world by improving your internal world? Pick up any literature on success, happiness, and how to attain wealth and you will ALWAYS read in some form or another: success starts within. You cannot begin to attain your dreams without feeling whole or happy inside.

Let me guess before you achieved your goal or received your desired object you thought ad nauseam if I get this I will finally be happy. You may have talked to God, the universe, or whatever your higher power may be and promised that if you received this *insert desire* you would be good, honest, and improved.

Nonetheless, how many times have you received exactly what you wanted and felt underwhelmed shortly after the moment?

Why!? Why when you have finally achieved your goal or received exactly what you wanted do you soon feel unsatisfied? Is it because maybe your goal or your desired thing was not what you genuinely wanted? No, it is because you had the wrong mindset WAY before your goal was even an idea.

More than ever, life today is pretty unpredictable. The only certain thing is that life goes on. You can either take advantage of every minute to better yourself, or you can forfeit your right to happiness to focus on matters out of your control.

Something to help you sleep better at night:

*the world always finds a way to right itself*


Instead of stressing about what could happen, I want you to utilize this time to manifest tremendous feelings of happiness, confidence, and enthusiasm for the future.

You might be thinking, how can I focus on my happiness when I don’t have an income? Or, I don’t have a lot in my savings; my significant other is driving me crazy; my kids won’t leave me alone; I’m terrified to get sick… The reason I want you to focus on your happiness is simple, you will attract incredible and amazing things into your life when you have the right attitude. Even in the worst of circumstances, miracles happen when you trust the process and fully invest yourself in positive thinking.

There is a reason some of the most brilliant men and women in history have ALL believed in positive thinking. These brilliant minds—even the ones who were burdened with mental illnesses—all knew the power of thought.

Unless you are cognizant of healthy thinking patterns, there is a strong chance you are sabotaging your happiness with your thoughts. What if I told you that you can physically alter your brain by changing the way you think? And what if I told you that you could physically change your health—one way or another—with your conscious thinking and subconscious beliefs?

Scientists have proven the beneficial effects positive thinking has on your brain and your physical health, as well as the detrimental effects negative thinking has on your overall health.


“My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.” — Newt Scamander

Let me put things into perspective. You are present and something bad may or may not happen in the near future. Are you going to be glad you stressed up and until the moment it happened, or will you be grateful that you had a positive mindset through and through? Many times we stress about things that never actually happen; and on the contrary to what we anticipated, situations are seldom as bad as we feared. If you change your outlook on the “problem”, the results will almost always work out in your favor.

There is NOTHING more useless and malignant to your success than stressing.


In any living circumstance, you can experience incredible feelings of happiness at any given moment. The happy feeling I am referring to is the overwhelming euphoria you experience by simply being present. These feelings will manifest at unscheduled times and will make you feel so grateful to be alive. The best part is, the more you practice the greater the euphoric intensity and you will be on a constant mind and body high.

Practice being present and focusing all of your energy on the positive.



Find something positive in every “negative” situation. Even in the worst of situations try to think, objectively, of anything positive.


I have always had a problem with the saying: “thinking is believing”. Thinking is NOT always believing. Thinking is conscious and believing is subconscious. How many times a day do you think things about yourself that are really untrue? Or how about the times you try your hardest to think something you want to believe (Law of Attraction) and it does not manifest?

I am sure by now you have heard of the Law of Attraction. If you have not, or you are unsure of how it works, put simply: you attract into your life what you believe. Many people were psyched about this method when the movie The Secret came out. Unfortunately, many people hopped off the Law of Attraction bandwagon claiming it was nothing more than wishful thinking and a ridiculous delusion. Why is it that this law worked for some and really failed for others?

The Law of Attraction doesn’t work by just thinking about what you want the most. Even if you did the imagery board, pictured yourself, and took the right steps towards your goal—if you didn’t believe it was truly possible on a subconscious level, it was probably never going to happen. For your goals to come to fruition, you have to believe it without any doubt.

For you to effectively change your life and your health you will need to tap into your subconscious mind.

Start your Euphoria Journey today

    • Make a gratitude list.
    • Watch videos that make you happy (funny videos, animals, rescues, etc)
    • Read books on positive thinking!
    • Turn negative situations into positive ones by thinking of anything good that came out of it.
    • Smile more—complain less.
    • Exercise (if you don’t already know, exercising is one of the easiest and fastest ways to induce euphoric feelings).
    • Forgive those who have wronged you.
    • Invest in your appearance.
    • Simply Google: ways to feel happy.

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