Your mind is your masterpiece… never put down your brush.

My blog is a place where you can find all things wonderful, dark and informative about mental health. I have lived with bipolar disorder, severe anxiety and chronic depression most of my life. The road to happiness was a long, uphill battle for me. I’ve learned so much from first hand experience, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and the likeā€”but the most important lesson I absorbed along the way, the one thing I dismissed, abused and criticized for most of my life was: the power of my mind.

The unspoken truth about a mental disorder… Getting past the stigma of having a mental disorder is like tasting clarity. You accept the unbalance as something you live with, it’s black-and-white. Then, like a fog at midnight, explaining your malady becomes unclear and gray. It take even more strength to relay your struggle. The right words avoid you. As your anxiety begets more anxiety, breathe, and talk through the noise. You are winning the battle and the loose ends are just the words unspoken.

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