Passion is what fuels the mind and body for a life worth living. A passionless life is filled with daily obstacles and nightly worries about the past, present and future. The difference between a life with and without passion is waking up excited for the day and waking up with trepidation. How we feel in the morning is key in identifying whether we are living with purpose and or simply existing in this unpredictable world. In our younger years, waking up—as tired as we might have been—was filled with possibilities and wonder for each day. At some point along the road some of us ceased to love life and began living a new life with “adult” stresses and an emphasis on all that is negative. This pattern of negativity starts with the perception that we must stop enjoying life and start preparing (fearing) for all that could go wrong. Finances, health, relationships—these factors prevent us from enjoying the benefits life can offer. Life’s benefits are limitless and far outweigh the obstacles we as humans give so much energy to.

From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed our minds are working on a superficial level. This lack of consciousness allows the mind to only see what we do not like and what is ‘stressful’ so we can prepare ourselves for the worst; without consciousness we live on auto-pilot and wait for the next situation to ruin the day. Consciousness is the foundation in which a person can use awareness and intention to focus the mind on what is good, versus dwelling on the bad. Not to say that “bad” situations should be ignored, but, instead, these “bad” situations should be addressed for the lessons that they are—and not for what the should-of, could-of, would-of’s they cannot be. You see, even rethinking all the possible outcomes can put the mind at a false sense of ‘ease’ because we are allowing ourselves to imagine what could have gone right, “if only I did/said ‘the thing’ I should of, I would be happier, better, etc.” The problem with this train of thought is we can go through our whole lives rethinking the ‘bad’ situations to rectify what we wish was, and while the thought can be temporarily satisfying, the good things in life are often missed in this engrossment.

Too much self-reflection and over-thinking the negative prevents us from finding our passions in life. Obsessing over that which we can not change can last an entire life time—the mind will always find a ‘way’ in which something could have been ‘better’. Rethinking outcomes is cumbersome for the mind and leaves little to no room to focus on what YOU love in life. However, common knowledge is how all-consuming passion can be. The more passion someone has, the less room for toxic self-reflection the mind has to offer. Whatever that passion might be, find it and allow it to consume you. Often times, you will find one passion leads to another, and another and so forth. Fill the mind with passion and stop obsessing over past, present and future negativity. No matter where you are in life it is never too late to take over your mind—you might find how much control over your happiness, and passions, you traded for chasing ghosts.

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