These Videos Will Change Your Life

DO YOU WANT HAPPINESS, WEALTH, HEALTH, LOVE AND ABUNDANCE? Watch these videos below and use the power of your mind to change your life!

Two days ago I was cleaning a house (part time gig) and I was in rare form—bad attitude, negative thoughts and I wreaked of ‘victim-mentality’. I thought to myself as I swept the floors, why am I listening to provocative political videos, as I work, that do nothing but further stress me out? I needed background noise and I wasn’t in the mood for music. For a moment I thought, well why don’t I put on a motivational video and see how I feel later? With very little expectations, I searched for motivational videos and choose one at random—as I continued to clean. Within the first five minutes of the first video, I stopped mid spray of Clorox Bleach and realized: what I was listening to, was exactly what I needed to hear to change my life. After the fifth video I couldn’t contain my excitement for what I had learned. For the last two days I have searched and listened and I fell in love.

For some, reading is an adventure, an opportunity and an escape—for others, reading is a sort of inconvenience, a task or a “time vampire”, if you will. For those of you who prefer inspiration from a video, or even for those who are too busy to sit and read an article and would rather hear the stories in the background… this page has been dedicated to you. I recommend you watch and then re-watch these videos as much as possible.

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